Why you can’t sleep and what you can do about it!

Sleep Solutions

Here are some reasons you may be finding it hard to sleep and what you can do about it!

So maybe you are training for gains, or to lose some body fat, or maybe you just want to get ‘fitter’.

Regardless of your goals, one of the first things to look at is how you are sleeping.

Our bodies NEED sleep! 

Are you getting enough?

Is it consistent?

Is it uninterrupted?

If you answered NO, then it’s time to figure out why and do something about it. 


Inactivity – Sedentary job and spending most the evening on the sofa? Your body needs to expend energy! 

Get active, this could be the gym, but it could also be going outside for a 20 minute walk at lunch or simply going up the stairs at home a couple times every hour during your working day


Coffee, Tea, High Caffeine Drinks – Are you having 2, 3 or even more coffees in a day? Or having an energy drink to push through that afternoon hump? The effects of caffeine can last for 6+ hours! 

Remove the afternoon caffeine or slowly cut back on it, switch for decaffeinated herbal teas, or simply have some water (hydration is also very important)


Alcohol – A glass of wine with dinner or going out on a complete bender, either can impact your sleep. Our body needs to work to metabolize all the toxins and the potential for deep sleep is interrupted. So you may fall asleep quicker with alcohol, but your quality of sleep will not be where it needs to be and you will wake up feeling tired

Remove or reduce alcohol intake, and if you enjoy a beer or glass of wine with dinner, try and make sure you leave at least 2-3 hours between your last sip and bed time


Stress – Racing thoughts and an overactive mind just before bed? 

Think about winding down before bed, introduce a journaling practice where you can get all your thoughts on paper or perhaps try meditation. Headspace or Waking Up are both great apps for Guided meditation if this is something you would like to try.


Late Night Snacking – Eating late dinners or simply reaching for the biscuits and toast just before bed?  This causes our bodies to focus on digestion rather than sleep and all of it’s restorative properties.

Be mindful of time and routine, try not to eat anything within two hours of your typical sleep time. This will allow are body time to digest


Our surroundings – Are you sleep in a warm room? Or a bright room? Or maybe just a little bit of light sneaks in…. Get it sorted.

Make sure your room is a couple degrees cooler than what you are used to, we sleep better in cool environments. Then make sure it is dark, try black out blinds for the best result, but at least have all the lights out and the curtains drawn… think like a bear and aim for a cool dark cave at night. 


Screen Time! Are you scrolling just before bed? This is the worst! We need time to decompress and also time away from all that light. 

An hour or two before bedtime make sure you part ways with your electronics. Let yourself decompress with a book or some meditation as noted earlier and trust me, you will sleep better for it. 


Inconsistency… from night owl to early bird and back again? How is your body clock supposed to know what’s going on. 

Try and establish a routine! CONSISTENCY DRIVES RESULTS (with sleep and everything else)… so pick a bedtime and a wake-up time that works for you and stick to it for a bit… before you know it, this will be second nature and you will be sleeping like a baby


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    Stop feeling guilty and do something about it!

    Lockdown Fitness Guilt

    Reports are showing that our activity levels are decreasing and that over half the population is feeling guilty about not exercising more during the COVID19 lockdown.

    Sure, the initial workout numbers were high at the start of lockdown. Everyone was excited and we had celebrity trainer, Joe Wicks, doing his morning PE on the daily. New Online Fitness communities were popping up everywhere you looked and ZOOM workouts became the norm. It was all very exciting and it seemed the silver lining of all the restrictions may have been the spike in daily activity levels and the sudden priority of personal fitness our nations so desperately needed. 

    People were feeling invigorated, SO WHAT HAPPENED? I mean even our friend Joe quickly dropped his daily dose of PE appearances. 

    Well here is what happened. Remember my post about Motivation & Routine?

    Rule number 1… Plan! Did we have a plan? Or were we just going to do online workouts during lockdown. That plan seems a little too vague. 

    Rule number 2 …  Keep it Varied. Many of these online workouts were breaking our incredibly important rule number 2, keep it varied!  Watching the same old dull routine and going through the motions is not only incredibly boring, but it doesn’t do much for improving our fitness levels.

    Rule number 3 … Make it a priority! There is no accountability when it comes to meeting Joe Wicks at 9am, I mean he’s not going to give you a call if you sleep in. Or what about all those recordings you were going to follow on YouTube, they are always there so what was making you prioritise them now when you can always watch it later… No sense of urgency and no accountability, equals no priority. 

    Rule number 4 … No Excuses! Again, these excuses come a whole lot easier when we are following a free online program and there is no sense of accountability. 

    Rule number 5 … Have a why? Were we just starting in a routine because quarantine sounded like a good time for change? Or were we digging deep and thinking about WHY! Yes this is a great time to change, but we won’t commit without reason. 

    If you are one of many who are feeling guilty about your lack of exercise during lockdown or any other time, I encourage you to STOP immediately. There is no sense feeling guilty about who we were or what we did yesterday. However, I challenge you to make a change and embrace it. Take that next step in your fitness journey. Click here and schedule a free no-obligation call with me and let’s talk through your goals and your current barriers. We will work together to come up with a plan for you to get you where you want to be. We will work together to introduce fitness into your life in a lasting and sustainable way that will bring about transformative change inside and out!

    Change is hard, but necessary and it is a hell of a lot easier when you have the knowledge and support from someone who has been there before. 

    Get in touch today! 



    Getting Motivated to Workout – 5 Quick Tips – To Find Routine

    ? Routine in 2020? ? Here are our 5 Quick Tips to Stay Motivated & Find Routine ??


    Are you finding it hard to stick to routine right now and get motivated to exercise? We get it!

    Things have been turned upside down, but this is all the more reason it is more important than ever to stick to a regular exercise routine. Having a routine can help with our stress levels, our sleep patterns, our eating habits, and our overall physical and mental health.

    So we have broken down our five top tips for getting in a routine and staying motivated to exercise.


    Tip #1 Plan for it!


    Every week we need to be setting aside some time to plan our schedule for the forthcoming week. What are your actions going to be and how are these going to get you one step closer to what it is you are looking to achieve? So schedule the time to plan, commit in writing on your calendar or planner and stick to it!

    For me it is Sunday evening, I take less than an hour and plan the week’s workouts.?If you need help planning your workouts or are unfamiliar with how to create workout programming that will help you achieve your goals, get in touch today for a free discussion or pop us a question on social. We are always happy to help!


    Tip #2 Variety is the spice of life!


    You wouldn?t eat the same meal every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and you wouldn?t watch the same movie on repeat everyday? so why repeat the same exercise routine multiple times a week. Switching up the routine will keep you engaged and it will also get you fit! Repeating the same workouts is not only boring, but it can also limit our progress. The human body is pretty adaptable and if we are always repeating the same workouts without changing the frequency or intensity we will adapt and reach a plateau on our progress. So mix it up and try new things!


    Tip #3 Make it a priority.


    I recommend working out first thing in the morning or before lunch, the later you leave it, the easier it is to set it aside for something else. However, regardless of when you workout make sure that it is a priority. Working out and exercise is essential to our mental and physical health so we need to treat it that way. It should be as routine as going to the bathroom and drinking water.


    Tip #4 No excuses.


    We can all find a reason not to exercise, in fact, it?s easy? I?m too hungry, I didn?t sleep well last night, I woke up late, I?ll start tomorrow, it?s too cold or too hot, too early or too late? These excuses will always be here, so let?s forget about them and move on.


    Tip #5 Have a why.


    Do you want to fit into those old jeans? Are you preparing for your first 5k? Do you want to achieve your first pull-up?

    Whatever your reason is for exercising, remember that and let it motivate you to commit. Set S.M.A.R.T. goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-Bound) around your health and fitness, and then when you go back to number 1 and plan, you have some direction, you can make sure your actions are going to get you to where you want to be.

    Also, I have to stress, do not leave out the ?M? (measurable), this is an absolute game-changer! If we are measuring our achievements on the way to our goals, we will see progress and progress motivates.


    So that’s it! 5 Quick Tips!


    Please, if you are struggling with your routine, get in touch and we can set a plan in place to make it work! Even if it is just for a quick chat, we are always happy to help and have a conversation to set you off in the right direction.

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