Vegan Pantry Essentials for New Vegans or Really Any Vegans!


Are you new to veganism? Or perhaps trying Veganuary? Or maybe you just don’t feel very organized when it comes to shopping and being prepared to set yourself up for a successful week in the kitchen!

In this video we break down essential vegan ingredients for a healthy and convenient kitchen. Following these simple instructions you will have the base to prepare a week’s worth of healthy and nutritious vegan food or even more!

All these kitchen essentials are both readily accessible and reasonably priced, allowing for both convenience and affordability to make sure nothing gets between you and your kitchen aspirations. 

We break down your must-have vegan ingredients into the below six easy to follow categories. This will help you to not only be prepared, but also can serve as a layout when organizing the kitchen cupboards. 

  1. Oils, Vinegars and Condiments
  2. Nuts and Seeds
  3. Canned or Tinned Foods
  4. Pastas & Grains
  5. Spices
  6. Baking

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