Lockdown Fitness Guilt

Reports are showing that our activity levels are decreasing and that over half the population is feeling guilty about not exercising more during the COVID19 lockdown.

Sure, the initial workout numbers were high at the start of lockdown. Everyone was excited and we had celebrity trainer, Joe Wicks, doing his morning PE on the daily. New Online Fitness communities were popping up everywhere you looked and ZOOM workouts became the norm. It was all very exciting and it seemed the silver lining of all the restrictions may have been the spike in daily activity levels and the sudden priority of personal fitness our nations so desperately needed. 

People were feeling invigorated, SO WHAT HAPPENED? I mean even our friend Joe quickly dropped his daily dose of PE appearances. 

Well here is what happened. Remember my post about Motivation & Routine?

Rule number 1… Plan! Did we have a plan? Or were we just going to do online workouts during lockdown. That plan seems a little too vague. 

Rule number 2 …  Keep it Varied. Many of these online workouts were breaking our incredibly important rule number 2, keep it varied!  Watching the same old dull routine and going through the motions is not only incredibly boring, but it doesn’t do much for improving our fitness levels.

Rule number 3 … Make it a priority! There is no accountability when it comes to meeting Joe Wicks at 9am, I mean he’s not going to give you a call if you sleep in. Or what about all those recordings you were going to follow on YouTube, they are always there so what was making you prioritise them now when you can always watch it later… No sense of urgency and no accountability, equals no priority. 

Rule number 4 … No Excuses! Again, these excuses come a whole lot easier when we are following a free online program and there is no sense of accountability. 

Rule number 5 … Have a why? Were we just starting in a routine because quarantine sounded like a good time for change? Or were we digging deep and thinking about WHY! Yes this is a great time to change, but we won’t commit without reason. 

If you are one of many who are feeling guilty about your lack of exercise during lockdown or any other time, I encourage you to STOP immediately. There is no sense feeling guilty about who we were or what we did yesterday. However, I challenge you to make a change and embrace it. Take that next step in your fitness journey. Click here and schedule a free no-obligation call with me and let’s talk through your goals and your current barriers. We will work together to come up with a plan for you to get you where you want to be. We will work together to introduce fitness into your life in a lasting and sustainable way that will bring about transformative change inside and out!

Change is hard, but necessary and it is a hell of a lot easier when you have the knowledge and support from someone who has been there before. 

Get in touch today!